All singing telegrams must be paid in advance, unless special request are made in advance. For example if you are going to be present at the performance, you may pay in cash or check directly to the performer.

It is your responsibility to ensure the recipient will be at the location you choose, and the time you want the delivery. If we show up and the recipient is not on location, or not able to receive our singing message, you will still be charged for the service.

Our singing telegrams are fun in nature, we do not do singing telegrams to deliver any negative messages.

We do not deliver special gifts or messages without knowing its content.

We do not deliver any kinds of formal legal documents.

It is your responsibility to ensure we have access to the recipient if directed to deliver a message in a restaurant, store, bar, business, or venue. I recommend getting an “OK” before you order.

We do our best to arrive at the exact time you request however please allow up to a 60 minutes window of time for delivery

Our singing telegrams are rated “G” No foul language of any kind. Safe for most offices and businesses.


How long are your singing telegrams?

Usually 10 minutes. Most businesses don’t want a long distraction

Do you bring candy, flowers, or balloons?

We deliver our singing telegrams with a balloon sculpture (Balloon Animal, or a funny hat, or balloon flowers)

Can I pick the song?

No – We custom write each song using the information you provide. We do not perform any copyrighted material.

Can I video/photograph the singing telegram and/or post the video/photos online?

Yes – However you are responsible for any post/tweets you make.

Do you do strip grams?


How many songs do you sing?

It depends, if it is for a birthday, we usually sing a custom written song + the standard “Happy Birthday” song.

Can I talk / email / text you?

Yes – Call or Text (214) 995-8415

How do I book this?